Aesthetic Treatments

The main benefit of non-surgical aesthetic interventions is usually to improve the quality of the skin

which is essentially the outer covering of our bodies, as well as removing deficiencies that cause signs of aging. Non-surgical aesthetic procedures, which are provided to patients using topical anesthetic creams or injections are extremely convenient as they can be performed in our medical offices. We encourage the patient to maintain close contact with us in the days following procedures to ensure the smoothest recovery possible, however it is important to take into consideration the possibility of redness and bruising in some cases that may last for 1-2 days post procedure.

The first topic we would like to discuss under this title is of course BOTOX

If asked ‘what is the one thing you would recommend to any woman or a man in their 30’s choosing to fight the aging process; my answer would be ‘BOTOX’. Botox is applied mostly around the eye and forehead areas without using local anesthetics, as essentially none are required. The process takes only about 15 minutes and the patient can return to their daily activities immediately after the procedure is completed, with a few recommendations to follow. Very little monitoring is required after botox procedures, but is important to remember that results usually appear between 7-10 days post procedure. In addition to an anti-aging method, this treatment is also used very effectively in cases of excessive sweating, as well as in changing the shape of a face by weakening certain muscles.

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We solved the skin’s dynamic problems with Botox

Lip fillers, as opposed to botox, are noticeable immediately after completion of the procedure. These fillers are also used to hide blemishes, ultimately giving your skin a youthful healthy shine. We recommend undergoing lip fillers using a local anesthetic, and that the patient take a 1-2 day break from his/her daily activities after completion. Although the desired effect appears immediately after the procedure, the patient will need to be examined 10 days post procedure to ensure that the healing process is as it should be. Additional problem areas we address with filler are those of the skin under the eyes, volume changes in the jaw line, and filling added to the tip of the nose to straighten it out.

With the help of cosmetic solutions to many of our problems on the outside, often leads to helping us with issues of self confidence we may lack. This may bring us to contemplate the importance of the quality of our skin and how we can maintain that youthful glow we all seek, leading us to the need in understanding exactly what our skin needs to achieve this. Stem cell therapies (PRP, GRP, etc.), vitamins and minerals (mesotherapy) and collagen injections, all which are provided through means of syringes or other interventional devices, are among the main methods that will give you that youthful appearance we all aspire to have. Together with you, we will select the appropriate method based on your specific requirements, and thereafter will be able to answer questions regarding the amount of session that will be required, and what to expect after the procedure.

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