Bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery – weight loss and Sleeve Gastrectomy

Let’s talk for a moment about bariatric surgery – gastric shortening and of course all its derivatives (sleeve surgery, gastric bypass surgery, mini gastric bypass surgery). A person who opts for bariatric surgery is mostly likely someone who has already tried multiple diets and weight loss methods over time that have either not worked, or have been difficult to maintain. Before diving into the description of this procedure, it is important to understand our angle regarding this method.
Bariatric surgery is a procedure that the client experiences not only physically, but also emotionally, therefore we offer a supportive and helping hand to our patients easing worries that come with going through such a process on one’s own.

Nowadays, bariatric surgery can be performed in Turkey to circumvent local bariatric committee restrictions

Today, this surgery can be performed in Turkey to bypass local Bariatric Committee’s which are known to be stern, even demanding weight gain in some cases in order for patients to meet the Committee’s criteria. With a requirements such as BMI over 40, meetings with a psychiatrist, and 6 sessions with a clinical nutritionist which only delays the process, we have found a much simpler process for our clients. By electing to go through Turkish channels (an election made by some even given a green light locally), patients are offered lower costs and much less bureaucracy than what a private surgery of this kind would require locally.

This surgery is not only a medical hit, but also a practical solution to obesity

The surgery that became a “medical hit” is also a practical solution for thousands of Israelis who suffer from obesity, which ultimately leads to other life-threatening diseases. This suggests why this surgery, which thousands elect to undergo yearly, transforms the lives of so many into healthier and happier ones. We will accompany you throughout the entire process, including remaining present for the duration of the surgery inside the operating theater. During your week in Istanbul, we will be of constant assistance as required to ensure the highest quality treatment is given to our patients’, along with a continuing process after your return to Israel through meetings with dieticians and other relevant medical professionals. The entire procedure is completely confidential, and follows extremely strict medical guidelines regardless of the lack of any Bariatric Committee’s involvement.

After having assisted a large number of Israelis complete this procedure successfully in Turkey, we provide vast experience and a deep familiarity and understanding in regards to the medical facilities/ hospitals and various options for our clients.

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