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Hollywood smile and other various dental treatments

There are both similarities and variances within our dental treatment process in Turkey compared to other medical treatments that we offer.
Essential dental care as opposed to cosmetic dental treatment, is not usually carried out by choice. But who doesn’t want a Hollywood smile?
Often, when one finds themselves in a situation facing necessary oral rehabilitation or periodontal surgery, the problems have resulted from neglect, or simply genetics.
The cost of this type of complex dental treatment in Israel can be extremely pricey, reaching sometimes over NIS100,000 in more complex cases.
The very same professional treatment in Turkey will most likely prove to be significantly cheaper.

The obvious fear of flying to a foreign country that does not speak English as a mother tongue for dental care is something we take into account with our patient care

We understand the obvious fear that arises when considering flying to a foreign country where language is an evident issue, especially in the case of dental care which is not always accompanied by post-treatment recovery checkups or post examinations by the acting physician /surgeon. Major oral / dental care is not an area in which most people like to experiment or take risks, which is why are here to provide the security you need to feel like you are under the best care possible.
We offer to accompany you throughout the entire process during your stay in Turkey, starting with your visits with the surgeon, and to accompanying you inside the operating room. The patient’s peace of mind is of utmost importance to us, as the more relaxed the patient, the lower the blood pressure, in turn allowing for the minimum required dosage of anesthetics to be administered during the procedure.
All dental treatments that are offered to you locally can be performed to the highest professional standards in various hospitals and medical centers in Turkey, and all by renowned specialists / doctors with decades of experience in these types of treatments and surgeries.

The advantages of an escorting consultant

In terms of the type of escort we provide – we do not see much difference between accompanying a client from Israel to Turkey for a hair transplant, or for the purpose of grafting and periodontal surgery. Perhaps procedures in the oral department, may be slightly more complex regarding what is required in the days following treatment. However, in all cases there are significant advantages, one of them being major stress relief for the patient due to the fact that they are not alone throughout this process.
If you are considering periodontal surgery, transplants, crowns, or simply want a Hollywood smile like your favorite movie stars, we offer a solution to the pricey local alternatives which will prove in many ways to be the ultimate answer to your problems in more ways than one.

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